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GUSSC and socials go hand in hand with some members arguing that the skiing is simply an afterthought or a mode of transport to get to the party. Our social events are traditions, the stuff of legends, passed down through generations.


Things kick off just as you think you’ve mastered freshers week; we welcome you with open arms to a beer and a burger at our Taster Session. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of a snowboard or if you are fresh from the winter Olympics, we will have a have a laugh, a ski and a dance with anyone who wants a taste of the GUSSC life.


The first mega social of the year is Cheese and Wine. Emphasis on the wine. GUSSCateers old and new gather in the Union’s debates chamber where we classily sip from plastic cups and nibble on a cheeky bit of brie. We surprise you all with the secret location of the Christmas Ski Trip while cutting shapes to the music from the live DJ. And if that isn’t exciting enough, we drop hundreds of balloons from the balconies; catch the right one and you could be snatching up a place on the trip without paying a penny.

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Don your finest argyle sweater, pull your socks to your knees and slap a visor on your head – its Pub Golf. Pub Golf sees GUSSC members travelling around Glasgow’s West End dressed in their finest golf attire from one bar to the next. The aim of the game is simple. It is essentially golf but the whole ball and club part is replaced with drinks, (we have never been good with balls… ask Tillie.) Lowest score wins, Tiger Woods, eat your heart out.


You’ve got the post ski trip blues, you sit in the library, gazing out the window, reminiscing about mountains of memories and BAM we bring it all back with the Apres Ski Social! The Folie Douce comes to Glasgow for one night only each year. Picture your favourite club awash with fake snow, goggles as headbands and a live saxophone player… its as if you never left.

The Subcrawl. Your loving committee hand you a route card and let you run riot on the clockwork orange. This night has always been entirely successful, relaxed and uneventful, and it always runs smoothly and exactly as planned. The GUSSC subcrawl will go down in history, and if you actually manage to complete it in full then congratulations, you are the first.


We wrap up the year with the Annual General Meeting. This is where we spend our time, drinking wine, feeling fine and look to elect the GUSSC Committee for the following year. If you have watched the committee and been desperately jealous, think we’re all terrible or simply believe that you could do our jobs and boss it then this is your time to shine. Originality is key, there is a topical dress up theme relating to recent events and speeches from committee hopefuls. Guaranteed giggles and a face full of no-hands desert.