If you have a need for speed or love to send it, you’ve made the best choice in coming to Glasgow Uni! Our race and freestyle team of skiers and boarders happen to have won the British Uni Dryslope Champs two years in a row!! (woooow!) As well as dryslope we compete in indoor domes and annually competitive away days to the alps!!

freestyleBearsden dry slope: Home of training and the Scottish championships

Double denim: a post competition night out staple.

racingA truly terrifying sight: Hometown hero Katie Allan makes an inglorious return to Bearsden. (Did you hear she didn’t sleep before?!)

budsSmiles all round: Team snowboard, probably getting in everyone’s way, or something (just kidding)

If you are at all interested, or would just like some more information please contact any one of the captains, either via facebook or their emails.

Race – Alison Todd –
Freestyle – Katie Mashford –
Snowboard – Ben Goodman –