For those who want to try and push themselves in any of the competitive disciplines, which are ski and snowboard, racing and freestyle, GUSSC has a competitive team for you. We, the committee, would all stress that competing in any discipline is a great way to become more involved with the club, it is a much smaller and more tightly knit side of the club, if that is what you are looking for, with only around 40 competitors vs. around 700 members; if you are into your skiing or snowboarding, this is where you will find like-minded people! Being a member of the competitive side of GUSSC is genuinely great fun, both at training and at the competitions themselves, you definitely won’t regret signing up!

freestyleBearsden dry slope: Home of training and the Scottish championships

The racing team, headed this year by Ross Taylor, have weekly coaching in Glasgow in the lead up to competitions, similarly, the freestyle teams, headed by Callum Rainey, have weekly training in Glasgow, in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone encourages and pushes each other; snowboard training, run by Michael Addison, runs in parallel and at the same time as the ski training.

Double denim: a post competition night out staple.

Our main competitions, first the Scottish and then the British dry-slope championships, are fairly early in the year, arriving in late October and early November, so don’t hesitate to get involved! There are also indoor competitions in February and BUSC main event in France in March. In addition, if freeride is your thing, there is the Scottish freedom series, which has 4 stops, culminating in the Freeride world tour 1* qualifier, the Coe cup. There are also a series of ski races in Glasgow in the winter, in which ski duels teams of 5 can be entered.

racingA truly terrifying sight: Hometown hero Katie Allan makes an inglorious return to Bearsden. (Did you hear she didn’t sleep before?!)

The date of our team trials will be announced soon so keep an eye out on Facebook. Come down and give it a shot, we’d love to see you there!

budsSmiles all round: Team snowboard, probably getting in everyone’s way, or something (just kidding)

If you are at all interested, or would just like some more information please contact any one of the captains, either via facebook or their emails.

Race – Ross Taylor –
Freestyle – Callum Rainey –
Snowboard – Michael Addison –